Top Performer of the Month

Featured here you will find employees that were selected by their peers as Top Performers for the month!

suttle-and-king-april-topAPRIL EDITION

Meet Piero!

Sign: Cancer
School: Essex County College
Hobbies: Going off roading, snowboarding, outdoor activities.

When meeting with Piero, he let us know that he has been to a race track and gone 145 mph in the car!

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Suttle&King (S&K): What advice do you have for prospective Suttle & King candidates?
Piero: “Be passionate and open minded.”

S&K: Best vacation you’ve been to?
Piero: “Miami.”

S&K: What are 3 words to describe S&K?
Piero: “Inspiring, Passionate, and Nurturing.”

S&K: What is on your bucket list?
Piero: “Sky diving, travel around the world, and drive the fastest car in the world.”

S&K: What have you gained from working at S&K?
Piero: “The ability to not get uncomfortable being outside of my comfort zone, communicate and relate to anyone I talk to, and to be more focused on what I need to do in order to accomplish my main goals in life.”

Thanks Piero for taking the time to chat with us and congrats on being selected!



Meet Sam!

School: East Stroudsburg University
Sign: Gemini
Sports: Track & Cross Country

When meeting with Sam, he let us know that as a server, prior to working at Suttle and King, the first person he ever served was Patrick Ewing!

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Suttle and King (S&K): What advice do you have for prospective candidates at Suttle and King?

Sam:  “Come in with a student mentality and an open mind.”


S&K: Best vacation you’ve ever been on?
Sam: EDC Las Vegas

S&K: What celebrity do people mistake you for?
Sam: Kel Mitchel

S&K: What are three words to describe Suttle and King?
Sam: Motivating, Energetic, and unpredictable!

S&K: Name something on your bucket list?
Sam: Travel to as many places as possible.  To name a few, Australia, New Zealand, Bora Bora, Maldives, and Tomorrowland.

S&K: What skills have you gained at Suttle and King?
Sam: The confidence and knowledge of how to interact with different people.

Thanks Sam for taking the time to chat with us and congrats on being selected!

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